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Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy Oils

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***Be Positive- helps to promote a positive attitude throughout the day. Made with Orange, Lavendula and other essentials to pop the nasal passage.

***Breathe Again- helps to open up your allergies and sinuses and clear your nasal passage. Made with essential oils such as Mentha Piperita, some Eucalyptus, Citrus and a few more blends

***Energy- helps to give you that extra boost when needed. Just take a whiff of your wrist and it will give you that clean, fresh boost. Made with mint, Lemon and Rosemary and a few more essential oil blends

***Headache Relief- a blend of natural oils such as Mentha pipeline, lavender and a blend of other essentials will take the edge off of the headache. Give you a natural relief, just inhale

***Motion Relief- car sick, water sick, just vertigo in general, this one can help sooth your stomach and help to control the nausea. Made with Ginger, mint, lemon and a blend of other naturals

***Serenity- made with a blend of citrus oils to give you that peace of mind when inhaled with your nostrils.

***Smoking Quit Aid- this blend helps with the smoking sensation of wanting to quit. This takes off the edge of wanting that next smoke. Great for office users. Made with a blend of essentials such as pepper, sage. Patchouli and other blends.

***Directions: Roll on wrist and rub together, behind both ears and on the neckbone. May rub a small amount under nose. Test areas for any skin reaction and discontinue immediately if skin allergy occurs. Keep out of reach of children!